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The latest innovations developed in packaging applications, 100% recyclable

About Us

Technologies at the service of sustainability

Veroniki Ecogroup is a company created in 2017 and is part of Veroniki Holding. We produce food packaging starting from 100 % recycled Post Consumer Flakes, with a technology approved by EFSA and FDA.

Quality & Research

Our advantages are that we have the best equipments existing in 2017 on the market and we have a complete solution to start from Post Consume Bottle Flakes to produce according to EFSA and FDA (food and drug administration) from 100 % Recycled material food contact packaging which are 100 % recyclable.

Technological Process

On 8 September 2017 it was inaugurated the Veroniki Ecogrup Factory in the Municipality of Contesti, near Bucharest (Romania).

Veroniki Ecogrup plant is equipped with ultra-modern technology, the only one in Europe, that ensures the maximum product quality.


100% recyclable packaging


Design flexibility, covering the customer’s most essential needs


Constant development and improvement of products
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