Films rPET
Films rPET
Films rPET
Films rPET

A wide range of laminates and transparent films

Veroniki Ecogrup can offer many different solutions, ranging from standard to tailor-made ones, to satisfy even the most complex requests. Each product is prepared with craftsmanship and precision. The flexibility of our organization guarantees quick and on-time delivery of orders.

Veroniki Ecogrup develops and manufactures complete rigid rPET film, using sheet lines, and extrusion coating lines as well as individual components such as dies and winders. Since all of these units use similar technology, Veroniki Ecogrup can transfer our experience and innovations from one process to the other. The result of this transference: multiple good solutions for our customers.

Film lines – the highest level of quality

Films produced on chill roll lines have become an indispensable product in the packaging industry. They provide both versatile and high-quality options for the safe and economical packaging of everyday products. With the development of advanced line concepts, Veroniki Ecogrup has conquered a leading position on the market for films. Films are extremely versatile and are used to package a wide variety of products.

Form Fill and Seal application

Having the best technology in the rPET extrusion field we can produce PET films with a thickness from 150 microns up to 1200 microns and the width of the film is maxim 1200 mm. These rPET films can be laminated with PE having PEEL properties and High Oxygen Barrier (EVOH) with or without PEEL effect, SKIN PEEL application being possible as well.

For Form fill and Seal applications, we can use our performant KAMPF slitter to deliver the right width and weight of the reels.

The rPET films can be produced in more than 1000 colors according to the PANTONE guide and can be used to produce hinge lead containers or meat trays in different sizes.

Our Technology

deCON: 100% food grade recycled rPET

DeCON unit from Starlinger is a unique technology in Romania that can use 100 % PCR (post-consumer recycled) to produce food-grade without compromise.

Post-consumer recycled PET flakes are super-cleaned in the deCON unit. The cleaning efficiencies of the decontamination dryer exceed the standards of EFSA and FDA requirements.

Excellent dedusting results in the superior optical appearance of the end product and mechanical properties are improved thanks to increased viscosity.

Thanks to the vacuum technology the results are excellent color values and the input material is de-smelled.

viscoSHEET: up to 100 % rPET and inhouse flakes can be processed at guaranteed iV-Levels

With the deCON before the extruder, a high-quality rPET sheet for direct food contact is made from recycled material. The viscoSHEET extrusion lines offer flexibility without compromise to use any kind of material up to 100% (flakes, pellets).

The material is precisely mixed, which results in an immediate effect on recipe change. The automatically controlled roll stack ensures the highest optical appearance and stressless sheet.

Inline quality control is assured by the measurement of the intrinsic viscosity of the material.

All production processes are fully traceable thanks to the real-time production management database.

Film slitting machine: the best technology at your service

The KAMPF Conslit series of machines continues to set the standard for reel slitter in the converting market. Conslit is the flexible solution of the proven two-spindle machines.

All common and special packaging materials can be converted. New and/or improved existing options have been provided to meet your current and future needs.

Flexibility and modularity are the key features of Conslit. Several options can be combined to create a machine that best suits your needs. The operating concept, based on many years of experience, offers optimum comfort thanks to its KAMPF 2-touch navigation.


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